Fiesta La Ballona 2019, Todd Bank Fiesta La Ballona

   Culver City’s Fiesta La Ballona was held August, 2019 at Veterans Park in Culver City. Featured was Todd Bank's sixty-foot long Wonderful Wall of Waste. Generous grants from the City of Culver City and the Culver City Arts Foundation paid for massive public-art installation.

Jake at the Wonderful Wall.jpg

     May, 2018-BoldPas is the new annual one-day art takeover of Old Pasadena, California and Waste Art won a space to create a 167' long public art installation. Post-event news said; "The piece that stood out the most was the Waste Parade by Todd Bank. His purpose behind the piece is to raise awareness about the waste of reusable material being dumped into landfills."


JUSTICE LA-Jail Bed Drop


     What was the jail bed drop? Justice LA and Los Angeles-area artists collaborated to place over 50 jail beds throughout L.A. County on Christmas Eve, 2017, as a reminder of the thousands of people incarcerated in L.A. County jails during the holiday season. The jail beds were also to further conversation about LA Counties $3.5B expansion of the world’s largest jail system instead of community-based alternatives to incarceration. Pictured right is WASTE ART's jail bed drop in Malibu, California. NOTE: In 2019, JUSTICE LA WON! No new jail!

     Athens Services and Pearl Fulton Corporation sponsor ZER0-WASTE ART's Great Wall of Waste sustainable art installation at the 2017 Night on Broadway. The Night on Broadway is a free arts and music festival produced in celebration of Los Angeles City Councilmember José Huizar’s Bringing Back Broadway economic development initiative. Over 80,000 people came to see some of the wildest acts and works of art. The Great Wall of Waste was highlighted in the very center of the festival and was a huge hit with the crowd!