RADIUS 5, Zer0-Waste Art Stations

     Zer0-Waste Art Stations can be integrated into our cities in ways that enhance public space, educate, and inspire new design.

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Seen here; Conceptual Zer0-Waste Art Station-red solar panels.

     How Does a Zer0-Waste Art Station work? ZWAS's are constructed using private, corporate or municipal funding and placed 5-miles apart throughout a city. Artists are selected early in the planning process through a competitive, community-based process. What is Radius 5? In exchange for the ZWAS studio, artists must create their work from waste-material discards and donations that they collect within a 5-mile radius of their studio. The RADIUS 5 concept also advocates that artists use e-bikes and other types of electric-powered transportation to collect their zero-waste art material. RADIUS 5 studios and their zero-waste artists are a win-win for combating climate change, creating opportunity, cleaning a community and its surrounding environment.