The Future; Zero-Waste Art & Clean Energy

Zero-Waste Art Stations

Below; Conceptual Zero-Waste Art Station-red solar panels.

     Zero-Waste Art Stations that double as micro-generation stations can be integrated into our cities in ways that enhance public space, educate, and inspire new design. By elevating the vital urban systems that provide our clean energy to the level of public art, we can push the boundaries of these important infrastructures on aesthetic grounds.


                                               "Land Art Generator Initiative"

How Does a Zero-Waste Art Station work? ZWAS's are constructed using private, corporate or municipal funding and placed throughout a city. Artists are selected early in the planning process through a competitive, community-based process. The City Council of each city reviews and approves the artist selection and art concept for their stations theme. Through this process, all work is especially created to represent the unique feeling and history of the community in which the station is located.

What is Microgeneration? Microgeneration is the production of heat or power on a very small scale, when compared to the outputs of a typical fossil-fuelled power station. Unlike these large power stations which are often located hundreds of miles away from where the power is needed, microgeneration systems use the power where it is made. This means they are much more efficient as transmission and distribution losses are virtually eliminated.

Resource Recovery Locations


Santa Monica, Wilmington, Palos Verdes, Torrance, Culver City, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Glendale, Studio City,

Sherman Oaks and Simi Valley


Artworks Storage
Los Angeles and Ventura Counties


WASTE ART-Los Angeles



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