Aliens and Roses 44" x 44", framed is wa

"Aliens and Roses" 44"x44", oil on canvas and framed in post-consumer waste painted dark-chocolate brown.


What is Zer0-Waste Art?

     Zer0-Waste Art is; 12 tons of recovered waste material that's being upcycled into a large body of 2D & 3D wall, floor and pedestal art for sustainable zero-waste art exhibitions.


How Art Reduces Pollution!

     When non-recyclable waste material is upcycled into art, it reduces future landfill volume and the greenhouse gasses that they will produce. And, zero-waste art helps to keep these unwanted "discards" from polluting our environment.


Why Zero-Waste Art?


      Zer0-Waste Art's projects engage the creative practice of making art with the social and ecological issues facing the world today, earning the knowledge, language, and skills necessary to excel in this new emerging field.


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Aliens and Roses 44" x 44", framed is wa
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